Fuzzy elevation when printed to PDF?

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I just need some clarification on this matter. For some reason I thought that once a layout was printed it didn't matter that in layout you had a "live view" or "plot lines w/color fill" the elevations would come out sharp in the .pdf file. The lower attachment shows what my cabinet elevation looks like with the two camera view options in layout and the top attachment what it look like after printed to .pdf. Is this the way color elevations are suppose to be? I don't remember having this type of issue before or at least this severe of a difference. I would like to use the plot lines/color fill option so I would be able to edit the extra lines on the cabinet in the elevation view, but the fuzzy coloring is unacceptable. Am I doing something wrong, a work around or is this just the way it is now?

test printed.jpg

test layout.jpg

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