Can I open Saved Plan View Sets in other plan files?

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I am wondering if there is a way so use Saved Plan View Sets from one plan in another plan without completely redoing my template. Thanks!


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    • By Doug_N
      In doing some ruby stuff to automate information required by building department code examiners, so I wrote a bit of simple code

      to get this. 
      But I need that in an elevation, not in a plan view.  No joy it seems.  

      Anyone know why this is?

    • By WhistlerBuilder
      Hi Chiefers,
      Quick question. Is it possible to display plan view in the watercolor mode? So far I can only get watercolor to apply to the 3D views that chief generates.
      I have a sample of what I am talking about generated with Sketchup imported dwg from a chief file.
      Chief normal version = Sample 1, sketchup watercolor = sample 2

    • By TJDesign
      I am running CA Interiors X9 and have been working in a split view - plan view on one side and full perspective in the other.  I copied some windows and placed them in the perspective view, but they do not show on my plan view.  Any thoughts?
      Thank you
    • By WhistlerBuilder
      Hello helpful forum people,
      I am looking to produce a plan set for marketing purposes. The realtors selling one of my current projects are asking for the plans to show the flooring materials in each room. I am unsure how to do this in Chief. Can chief even do this? I have done it with other software, but can't seem to figure out the chief method. I really do not want to manually do this in Photoshop.
      Any hints or tips welcome.
    • By SNestor
      There are (3) transom windows in this wall mounted above windows and doors.  See the attached pictures.  
      I really don't want to see the transom windows in my plan there a way to turn these off?  I put them on a unique layer...and turned the layer off...but the jambs still appear and the wall "fill" is still gone.