X-11 perspective full overview camera not working

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Had a glitch yesterday and message came up suggesting not to save plan as it could be corrupted if so.  Didn't save and got out of Chief.  Fortunately, I had just recently saved. Started it back up and found the perspective full overview camera now shows the same as the ortho full overview camera.  Re-booted and it did the same thing.  Kept on working with it, as I'm under the gun to get something out. As a check, I opened another plan and the perspective overview seems to work, so it must be just this plan after that error message.  Any idea on a fix?  Couple things I'd like to show in the set with the higher res / detail.  Thanks.

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Nope have not heard of that issue previously - but uploading the plan will mean others can test to see if the Plan is at fault or something else.

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