Stumped! (and tired after a VERY Hard Crash)

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This afternoon I had Chrome, the Snipping applet, and CA X11 open in the attached plan. I was adjusting the depth of the cabinet atop the Broom Pantry to the left of the Ref. BOOM!


CA closed and 9 error messages appeared on my screen. I tried to get screenshots with the Snipping tool - but no doing. I just downloaded 9 photos from my phone to a File. There are too many to upload here, but here's 1 shot of 3/9.


Did a cold boot, when the computer came back up it essentially said that there was -0- (NO) video card. 

Downloaded the drivers from Nvidea. Nvidea saw the card and the driver is the same that I installed last week.


CA sees the card. 


PBR isn't working - please see the before crash and post-crash comparison.


This is cabinetry in a BarnDaMinium. There are no windows! Ceiling height of 144"


I just ordered a new vid card from Amazon. RTX 8 gig.


I cherish your thoughts! Thanks in advance for sharing them, ~Cheryl



Levi Dustin

Levi Dustin Elizabeth.PBR 1.0.jpg

Post Crash PBR 1.jpg


Post Crash CA Preferences.PNG

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nothing ruins a great day of work than a major issue like that...  sorry!

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