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Entire house block - converting to a symbol.

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Shortly before the new forum went up I posted -

"I have a problem along these lines I could use help with...

I am drawing plans for several houses being built in a cul-de-sac, I would like to copy all of the finished houses into one master site plan, showing the plot locations etc. as well as a 'streetscape' of how the finished scenario will look. I have done this before, with a straight street quite easily with the method mentioned above.

My problem with working on the cul-de-sac, is that I will have to rotate each house slightly (around a curve). Moving and adjusting entire houses with the 'EDIT/ALL FLOORS' makes me cringe but I might have no other choice. I would think there is the ability to possibly 'block' an entire house? Maybe? Maybe, Cross referencing from one file to a master file... maybe not possible. I am stumped

Any help would be much appreciated"




you should post your query in the new chieftalk forum

this one is closing to postings on Thursday

short answer, create a symbol of each building and place the symbol in the master plan
then rotate as needed




I haven't had a lot of time to spend trying to figure this method out. It seems like with whatever I group together... I am selecting too many layers, possibly some which won't allow me to convert to a symbol. Any suggestions?



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Each building should be individually exported as a 3D file and then converted to a symbol and imported into your development plan. Before exporting each individual house model, you make a save-as copy and gut that copy before exportation (to reduce the overall 3D face count of the resulting symbol), Then, as symbols each house can easily be moved-located in the x, y and z axis independantly as you require for the entire development.



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Thanks for the reply David. I haven't worked on this project yet, but I for see it happening soon and with your advice I feel prepared!

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