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I made a geometric shape, a sphere, squashed it vertically, placed it in plan.


It is obscuring everything beneath it, e.g. chairs, in 2D plan view.


I can't edit its transparency or its fill style or send it back/forward in the dialogue. And I can't bring chairs to the front either... So the chairs behind it are hidden in 2D plan view, not what I need.


Is there anything I can do? (Might try an orthographic direct overhead view and turn on the blue transparent view, but that's a really poor bodge)


BTW, I brought in another object from Sketchup and it imported as a geometric shape, but that does have a transparent fill. Weird.




(Please note my out of date version in case this situation has subsequently been fixed)

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There was a significant improvement to the Draw Order Edit Tool in X9 that will handle situations like that with ease.


In X6 you may be able to use the cad block for the chair rather than the automatic 2D Cad Block generated by the symbol.


X6 Cad Block.jpg

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Absolutely, great point about using a CA block in the 2D, bit clunky but it will do the job.


And thanks for letting me know that about X9 too.


Thanks a lot.

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