Sloped Grade Beam with piers

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Has anyone successfully created a sloped grade beam with piers foundation?


This is a somewhat common construction technique on hills in Silicon Valley.


Yes, it can be hand drawn. I am looking for a simple way to make Chief see the slope and slope the grade beam.


All suggestions are welcome.


Thank You

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Do you have some pictures or sketches you could post ?  There are a lot of things Chief can do in unconventional ways but the exact parameters are critical.


Welcome to the forum.  What software are you using ?

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Thank you for responding. Within an hour of posting I found a work around by using the perspective full overview camera and full camera. I was able to pull the corners of the grade beam to the heights I needed and thus get the sloped grade beam. Then over to cross section elevations to corrected the dimensions. Back and forth until I got what I needed. I promptly forgot I had posted a question.


I am using X10. Until you asked this question I didn't realize x11 is out. I will download and install it.


I first used ART version 4 or 5. It had a blue manual and a usb dongle. It was given to me by my architect who had tried it in the 90s along with Autocad. I tried both and used Chief to create better kitchen bathroom renderings than Cabinetware. This was in 98 or 99, he was in his mid 50s and didn't wish to learn CAD or BIM. About version 7 I gave it back to him and got a license. 


Fourteen or so years after finding CAD languishing on his shelf I convinced him to renew his license and I helped him lurch into the 20th century for  a commercial building project.


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4 minutes ago, MarckusW said:

And yes, I did create a terrain and did the work using the terrain. I have removed it here for visibility.


That looks like it should work.  Always more than one way to do things with Chief. :)

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