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Hey folks,


I have an opportunity to go to the Atlanta Chief Architect 2-day training seminar this year, and wanted to get some feedback from anyone that has done CA-sponsored training recently. I've gone through about 95% of the training videos done by CA, that was probably the number one thing that drew me here as opposed to some of the other design software out there. While I consider myself intermediate in skills and knowledge, I am far from efficient with my time and process. I often am redoing steps as I get farther into a plan and probably doing things the most convoluted way possible.


So, the two options I was looking at to help improve my skills were the 2-day seminar mentioned above and the live Intermediate webinar courses put on by CA. Obviously, I think the 2-day in-person training will probably be better, but is it worth the 4X cost vs the webinar? Not to mention being absent from the "day job" for two whole days. I'm really just wanting to hear from people that have taken one or both of these training and what their thoughts are.




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When I taught Classroom Seminars the Begining and Intermediate Seminars follow a course outline and the Advanced Seminar is a little more "freewheeling" and mainly addresses just what the class wants to address. Each Seminar is as fast as the slowest attendees.



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