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Hello guys, long time no see.

I am struggling 2nd day already to find a way of getting custom patterns in CA. It is just terrible!

What I've tried already:

- hatchkit tool (dreadfully awkward)

- coding in a txt file renaming it to pat then (not for complex patterns but for dot-line styles)

- making superhatch in autocad and trying to GETPAT it from there (no success since it doesn't accept exporting shapes, hatch only)

- trying to put it to dxf and getting sections from there using txt editor (just dropped it after 3am)


Dear Big Brain, please help! What I need is very simple: to draw shapes and turn them into custom PATs which will be available for import to CA


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HatchKit is a fabulous program once you get the hang of it.  You can either draw the patterns in HatchKit and create a new pattern file; or you can draw in Chief, export as DXF, import into HatchKit, and then create a pattern file from that.  I would suggest you give it another go.

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