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28 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

Are you possibly thinking of a Wall (Framing) Detail ? 1213250252_OpenWallDetail.JPG.7131c9f23857ad03d971b14ce57513d1.JPG

that makes you draw everything manually correct? here is what i was trying to do since i already built the framing. elevations showing this. (perspective framing overview shown in attachment) i need elevations to dimension.


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It shows an elevation view of just the wall framing that has been auto generated and you can also edit it if necessary or dimension and send to layout.


If you want complete elevations of all the framing just set your elevation camera to use the 3D framing set.  Only problem is that you will run into issues like the roof fascia covering your top wall plates.  I usually just use a 3D framing set perspective view as a general overview of framing.

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