Picture turn pink in ray-trace


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I have a two walls in my living-room I have put some art on. When I raytrace one picture turns pink.


I have tried several formats, compared it to pictures NOT turning pink and made sure they are the same, but to no avail. So my guess it has something to do with size, but all the changes I've made has resulted in nothing.


I use X11.


Hope anyone can help me out.



Asbjørn Søbye


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Purple is the color that shows up when Chief can't follow the file path for the material texture.  It may be on a drive or file location that the program is having difficulty with.


Take a read through some of the previous postings and links on "Purple Raytraces" and see if anything applies to you.



It may also be a software bug so no harm is contacting tech support about it if does not seem like it was something you did wrong.

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