Distribute objects along a curve


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Not sure about X6 - it was too long ago.

When you say "curve", I am assuming you mean "arc".

But as far back as X9:

Draw a single straight line using Polyline Distribution Path.

Select it, and on the edit Toolbar, select Change Line/Arc.

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Hi Glenn,


Super helpful thanks, I am now on the right, ahem, path :)


But now every time I try and select a chair to distribute along that path, it tells me "area too constricted"  - this is in an empty plan, just trying to get it working. A flower is fine, a small alarm clock works fine, but something as big as a chair (I'm laying out a church), it's a no go. I've even tried using a straight path - same issue.


Investigated further... a fire extinguisher is fine, even if I make it larger than the chair! But if I try and use any chair, it still says "area too constricted" and won't let me go any further.


Any clues to fix this?

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I tried a few more times, some other smaller items worked, never could get any chairs to work. Started a completely blank plan - it works fine. Copied and pasted from that new empty file into the original file - all good, works fine, I can change distribution, arc angle, etc.


Some weird bug. Maybe because the original file had something imported form Sketchup in it? No idea. Anyway, thought this might help someone, so good luck.

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