Creating A Flat Ceiling Under A Deck Roof


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I have a split level entry deck with a gable roof extending over it. The roof is larger  (wider and deeper) than the deck itself and I can't get the roof to create a flat ceiling instead of just following the gable underneath. Suggestions? Any changes I have tried only generate a ceiling over the deck itself and the siding next to the house disappears 

Hancock House Plan.plan

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2 hours ago, solver said:

I moved the roof planes to the 2nd floor and created an Open Below room under them to create the ceiling.




That works,  but suppose you did want a landing showing at the second floor?  


The solution would be to put the open to below room on the 27th floor (exaggerated to make a point) with it's roof and adjust the height of the floor accordingly.  


picture shows blue house on level 1

purple on level 2

oragnae on live 3

green on level 4

and red on level 5 


solution similar to eric's






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