Setting Floor Height for different buildings!?


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Hi All

I have a Plot with 2 separate buildings on it House & Garage/Studio. They sit at different elevation heights on the terrain. I have designed the Garage/Studio and now that I am trying to design the house at a different elevation height the walls just float in the air. I can build a slab and that drops onto the elevation region fine but the walls still float. 

I am pretty sure they are being built at the original height of the first structure but Ill be damned if I can find how to change them.

If I go into the terrain specification box and change the sub-floor height above terrain it sinks the first structure into the terrain.

Floating walls.jpg

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This is done by the difference in relative above sea level heights. The main structure I usually set at Chief Architect default height of its first floor at "zero inches" in height, then the second building has its dialog box settings relative to the main structure (if that structure has a higher floor level, it is manually set to that calculated floor height. Then its Ceiling height is set relative to that higher or lower floor height. You then adjust your terrain height to those edited floor heights.



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