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Hey everyone, happy Friday!

So I've been working on optimizing my templates lately and have run into a little snag. I like to put a few dashes or asterisks after the names of layers I use frequently such as floor joists or wall framing. It saves a few seconds trying to search through all the framing layer names. So I made this change in my template thinking it would be the last time I had to make it, but when I built the framing on a new file, Chief created a new layer with the old name without the dashes. So I figured I would have to change the layer name in the framing defaults. However when I opened those up I couldn't find an area where I could do this. So is there a tab I missed or am I SOL and have to do it manually for each job? Or is there a different work around I haven't thought of yet?

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On 6/14/2019 at 8:18 AM, Chris_Kelly said:

I missed or am I SOL and have to do it manually for each job

a belated response, SOL for renaming framing as we don't have direct control over default layers for auto-generation to my knowledge.

something that may help you, I assume you are referencing the "active layer display options" window, you can click the gear icon at the bottom of this window and toggle "Layer Name Filter" which will give you a search box at the top of the layer sets where you can filter by ceiling joist etc..

Hope that helps

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