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I am working on my first detailed site plan and am having an issue deleting out a terrain line.  I had finished the as-built for the house and drew the site plan from a jpeg that I imported from the county GIS site.  Once the site plan was done I made a copy and rotated the copy into place.  In hindsight I shouldn't have worried about the copy but I like to have a backup the first time I do something.  The site plan includes terrain perimeter, contours, and the surrounding roads. 


My issue is... 

I was able to delete the roads on the first site plan (the one not rotated into place) but when I delete the polyline that was set as my terrain perimeter it deletes some of the items (roads and the drawn contours) that are part of the final site plan.  I am not able to set the terrain perimeter of the final site plan until I delete the first site plan. 


Is there a way to convert the terrain perimeter back to a CAD polyline so that it is no longer "attached" to the other items and then delete?


As I said, this is my first trip down this path so I am having a hard time wrapping my head around why the original terrain perimeter is attached to the roads in the final plan.  Oh, and i butchered the original plan trying to delete it so deleting the new and rotating the original into place is not an option.  


I have a feeling this is a simple fix but I am not finding it.  


Thanks for any help. 



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It's a bit hard to follow exactly what you are doing.

You need to be aware that you can only have one terrain Perimeter in a plan.

If you copy a Terrain Perimeter, you do not get another Terrain Perimeter, you get a plain polyline.

If you delete a Terrain Perimeter, you will also delete the roads, terrain features, etc, that are part of the terrain.

You can convert a TP to a plain polyline by selecting it and clicking the Convert To Plain Polyline tool on the Edit toolbar. 


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Got it.  Thanks


You're right, it was a bit hard to follow.  I selected each item individually, roads first, and converted back to a polyline.  Once I converted the roads I was able to do the same to the terrain line and then delete it.  I had been staring at the screen too long and missed the obvious.    


What was throwing me off was that if I converted the terrain line to a polyline first then the roads disappeared but converting the roads first had no effect on the terrain line.  Either way, I eventually got there.  


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