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Hey folks,


I was wondering does CA automatically form gable wall end trusses around openings? I'm asking because obviously its not for me, but before I spend an hours researching why its not working, I wanted to see if its even functionally that is present.




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No I don't believe so.  However if you unlock the Framing, Roof Trusses layer for the truss detail you can edit your individual framing members of the truss to do what you need.  There are a few things to watch out for when editing trusses as you need to be careful to only use the existing framing of the individual details and edit or copy it.  If you need to use the trim or extend tools to create or fix an angle, draw a temporary general framing member and then turn off the layer or delete it.


I did have a go at adjusting all of my framing defaults to make the truss from a framed wall, it did make the window cutout, but that seems to have issues as well and would require just as much editing. Also would not be technically correct.


If someone has a way to make this work I would also love to know.

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