roof opening perimeter box missing


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I moved some walls on my shed dormer and need to adjust the roof opening, but the opening perimeter has disappeared;  opening is there but no rectangle to adjust.  Any ideas other that redoing the roof plane and the roof opening?  If this is the only way is there a way to heal the opening in the exiting roof plane?  I've attached plan in x10. 


While I am at it,  what is causing the front gable roof to do this?image.thumb.png.ace60a6084bd67414d2f4ec7d488ad5e.png


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56 minutes ago, solver said:


i kept looking for it on the first floor but was looking closer to the exterior wall, stupid me!!  Thanks Eric.  Fixed the roof too.  Even had a straight line there to make sure I got it straight and didn't use it.  How stupid is that.  Me thinks I see signs of burnout..... time to go for a walk on the beach.  Thanks again!!!!

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