Relinking Files on Layout Results in Automatic Camera Refresh.

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This potential could result in excessive amount of rework or time required to deal with this change.

I have sent the videos included into tech support so ignore the comments at the end about me asking if they need files.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Opening old files in X10

Desire to make revisions to a plan.  So I save new layout, and relink to new plan I will be working on.  Only minor revisions needed so I am not wanting to update every single camera... X10 didn't automatically update.  See in video. Line stays in same spot after relinked to the new file.


Opening old files in X11.

Trying to make the same minor revisions now in X11, I all of a sudden have to go and do cleanup work to every live camera sent to layout because edited lines do not stay edited.

Chief SSA told me that this always happened, and it is because the camera has a new ID.  Not the case as shown in the X10 version.


Video is a very basic model.  Only trying to convey how edited lines move.  Hopefully it isn't to distracting for those that understand what I am asking.



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If you select the elevation view you will get a refresh icon at the bottom select that and it would update

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I am not wanting it to update. That is the whole point.  I know I can force it to update again, but I want it to stay the way I updated it.

Thank you thought.


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