Schedules - Numbering - Leading Zero e.g. 'W-01' vs. 'W-1'

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Wondering if there's a way to drop the '0' which is generated in front of the schedule numbers. It adds size to my labels and most of the time there are less than 10 items so it wouldn't be confusing - but I haven't been able to find any options where we can omit this automatically generated zero.


Anybody have any tips or insight?



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    • By robdyck
      There must be a way to alter or control the vertical spacing of schedules. I've included the exterior elevation view of windows in my schedule, and there's a lot of wasted space between each row.
      Does anyone know if that can be adjusted?

    • By StephenG
      Is there any way to change the auto-generated window numbers that appear as callouts when you make a window schedule? I know you can choose to use a user-generated label instead, but I like the checks and balances of a callout for all similar windows, and the look of a shaped border. Unfortunately, can't figure out how to make that happen here. 
      What I want to happen: all similar windows have a callout with a shape border that I can set, and which will appear in order in my schedule, and as the label on my elevations
      What is happening: Chief generates a callout which I cannot change. If I make a custom label, it shows only as text/no shape border.
      Any advice is appreciated
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      I'm having an Issue with plumbing fixture callout labels generated by a fixture schedule appearing on the cabinet label layer when the fixture is in a cabinet as opposed to being on the fixture label layer.  Does anyone know how to fix this? 
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      Another Senior moment to start the Year. I wand to change the size and shape of door labels. HELP.
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      I am watching the tutorial on schedules right now and following the instructions for modifying information within the schedule itself.  l have gone back to plan, highlighted the item (window), clicked on the components icon, and I am noticing that I can fill in information for manufacture etc. for exterior and interior trim, but not the window itself.  The window line is also not letting me insert information for comments.... huh?
      Any body know why this would be locked and the trim lines open for filling in data?
      Most current version of chief