Using Existing Front House View for Landscaping


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Hi all,


New to forum ( not a pro at CA yet).


I wanted to take a front view shot of an existing home and add landscaping in front of the home. This could include plants and hardscape.


Any suggestions ( simple steps appreciated) for how to do this?


Point me at example, if one exists?





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You don't usually add the landscape items from the front elevation view (although you can in theory)

You normally add your landscape items from the plan view and then take an elevation view. (make sure the layers containing your landscape items are turned on in the layer set of your elevation view)

You could then split your screen so you can move the landscape items in plan view and see the effect in elevation simultaneously. (tile vertically in window menu).


So it sounds like you first need to watch a video on how to setup a terrain and do some landscaping....

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Go it.


Understand have to create the actual landscape in plan view.


Trying to just add a picture from my cell camera as a back-drop so I wouldn't have to create a real model of the home behind the landscape.


In this way I could just see what the landscaping would look like without the effort associated with the more detailed model of the actual home.



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