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  1. Lots of great options and techniques. Appreciate you all taking the time to respond and share your knowledge. What a great support community!
  2. Good idea as well! Will try it. Thanks for being helpful!
  3. Hi All, Still new to Chief (version X9) and have a simple question. I am trying to use a terrain wall as a planter area retaining wall in a simple back yard I am drawing. Will make it about 1 ft high, 4" thick. The shape will have curves so will not be simple geometry. I will probably finish it in stone. If I want to put a wider stone cap on top of it, what is the best way to do that? Thought of trying to offset a 3D object I would create that traces the terrain wall, but its hard to draw and follow the curves. Any sugges
  4. Thanks Glen... It took me longer to compose the Email, than it took for you to do it! I will learm much from this forum!
  5. Appreciate the great input! Now its up to me!
  6. Still fairly new to Chief Architect and wanted to ask for the best approach to designing a stone fence with periodic columns and caps. Similar to the attached pic. Any videos that may describe this?
  7. Thanks for the good information... Now its time to get to work!
  8. Go it. Understand have to create the actual landscape in plan view. Trying to just add a picture from my cell camera as a back-drop so I wouldn't have to create a real model of the home behind the landscape. In this way I could just see what the landscaping would look like without the effort associated with the more detailed model of the actual home. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, New to forum ( not a pro at CA yet). I wanted to take a front view shot of an existing home and add landscaping in front of the home. This could include plants and hardscape. Any suggestions ( simple steps appreciated) for how to do this? Point me at example, if one exists? Thanks, OC