floor & ceiling display issues in renderings


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Hey all. I've got quite the mystery on my hands and can't wait to get some ideas on it. So I've got this file I'm almost done with. I open it up one day last week and add a 3d box to the kitchen ceiling as a drop beam. Then I save and close the file to work on something else. Up until this point I have had no issues with this file. I open it back up in the afternoon, open a camera in the kitchen to look at the new beam, and the floor and ceiling surfaces are not displayed, just the underlayment part of the floor platform. Obviously the first thing I check is the the floor and ceiling surface layers are turned on in the current active layer set, which they are. I tried a different camera type and rendering method, same deal. I close the file and open a previous save from the prior week and get the same results. I open a different file and everything displays fine.


I figure it must be some of my preference that got screwed up so I open the older and current file on a coworker's machine and get the same problem. I went back and opened the current file and try a camera on a different layer set and it looks fine, which tells me some layers are screwed up on my camera view layer set, but I have no idea what happened, or why the problem affects previously saved files too.


Then the really perplexing thing happens; I open up the associated layout file, open the plan via the layout, open a camera on the same default camera view set, and the floor and ceiling surfaces display fine. I have double checked that the file I was working on is the same one the layout is opening, and it seems to be the same one.


So I am thoroughly stumped on what I did to screw this up. The file was created on x10 and I haven't downloaded x11 yet. I attached the file with a few things deleted to get the file size down enough to post, but I checked again and the issue is still there. If it would be helpful to have the associated layout file I could post that after deleting the client info. So any thought folks?


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Son of a gun, that did it! Thanks rlackore! But that still leaves the question of why, when I open the file up via the layout and open a camera, it still displays properly even when the "Rooms" layer turned off? I just checked and that is indeed the case.


Also, when I turn off the rooms layer in other plans this issue does not happen. Is there some other setting that is associated with that layer that will affect the way these surfaces display?

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