Cross section labels to layout?


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Hi All,

I am sending cross sections views to layout.  Is it possible to define the layout label as the 'callout label' , rather than relying on the label tab in the Cross Section Specification dialog box.  I guess what I'm trying to as is why is there both a 'callout label, and a regular label?  

If I'm still totally confusing you ... sorry ... but my point is that i'd like the label that is generated INSIDE the callout itself to follow as the label on the layout sheet, without changing the layout label manually.





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That almost works but we need a few more people like you to send in feature requests to so Chief understands this is a priority.


You can set up the plan view callout so it reports the camera and layout page it is sent to.


Then you need a callout label in layout that you will need to manually adjust the camera label for and then you can use the %layout.label% macro to report the same page info that the plan view callout does.


Almost auto once you have a template setup.  Just waiting for chief to finish the job.

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