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I am looking to order a new desktop in the next few days. I went back and looked at previous threads but not much useful info on the new nVidia 2000 series cards as far as CA goes. I am looking at probably a GTX 1070 Ti or maybe a RTX 2070. Both have 8GB of memory. The 2070 is about $50 more over the 1070 Ti. Another approx. $380 to go to a RTX 2080. Any of you running one of the new cards yet? If so, any input would be appreciated. It is difficult to decide if they will be much of an improvement over say a 1080. The new unit I am looking at (Digital Storm) doesn't even offer a 1080 in the list for some reason. Trying to plan ahead as I don't upgrade but every 5-years or so.


In addition, would an I9-9900K be worth an additional $160 over an I7-9700K? I've been out of the loop on the processors for a long time. Like so many of you, I want mainly stability and the best bang for the buck. I do have the folks at Digital Storm overclock both the video card and the cpu within the limits of stability.


Thanks in advance.

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I posted this topic about the high failure rate of the new 2080 cards. Read before you buy. More info further down.


They don't offer the 1080 because I read two weeks ago that they aren't produced anymore and back inventory is running out...



As far as CPU's, you might want to look at the AMD Ryzen Threadripper, but you'll likely have to go to a specific builder for it. Compare it's price and performance to other high end CPU's here:



The Ryzen Threadripper 1950X has twice as many cores as I9, twice as many threads, but is only $449. Seams like a no brainer. It's clock speed is slightly slower, but not much.



The I9-9900 is $539


The I9-9700 is $399


Personally, I'm waiting for the next Raytrace cards to come out after they've sorted out all the kinks. By then the Threadripper 2950X will be a bit cheaper and prime for a new custom build. That's 16 cores, 32 threads of goodness. And way up on the performance chart.




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Thanks, Edward. I had already read your thread about the 2080Ti cards failing. I could wait a little longer to purchase but I am running an old rig and it just won't keep up with all of the improvements in CA over the years. I am going to multiple monitors also to help with my productivity and that would tax my old system even more. I will check the Threadripper and see how it compares.

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