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Rotating detail callouts

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Hi Chiefer's


Not on here a lot.. try to figure things out on my own.  I do come here when stumped though.. because I know there is a lot of knowledge to be shared.  And I am sorry that I don't come on here enough to share the things I've learned as well.  2019 resolution.. :-)  You might get tired of my face though..  


I have a house that is long in the north-south direction.  That's how I modeled it, for many reasons, and it just made sense at the time.  I put this model on a horizontal layout, rotated all the labels... (PITA, but that's what I did), so the drawing is easy to read.  The one thing I can not get rotated is the detail CALLOUTS.  I played with the setting, tried rotating with the grips, "rotated with plan (whatever that means), but cannot get the text to rotate.  (See attached). Any ideas, besides leaving blank, and putting in a separate line of text?


Thanks in advance



layout view.jpg

model view.jpg

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