Plot lines not displaying when all elevation views are on layout


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I have tried changing my elevation views to live view on demand and it appears fuzzy and does not print correctly, however all brackets appear on the elevations.  If I change them all to plot line view only 2 of the 4 will display brackets...what gives?  If I refresh all, it switches from one set of 2 to the other set. So odd.  I've only been working in chief for 5 days, so surely it's something I'm doing wrong?

Please help!


Rafter P Drafting Millwork.layout

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You need to include the Plan File with the layout otherwise views can't be refreshed.....


I see an office reno , so am not sure what Bracket you are talking about , I thought it was a Rafter Layout :)


PS it is best to Annotate in the Elevation View and then send to Layout, I am see cutoff Text boxes in this layout.




you should fill in your Forum sig. Janea, and let people know what Version of CA you are Using, it is important for answers,

see mine below.



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Thanks Kbird1, I figured it was something I was doing wrong, been playing with CA only for nearly 5 days at this point...I have yet to figure it by any means.  Some stuff seems so intuitive, others I have to search forum and tutorials for.  But excited to learn more!  I will set up a forum sig.  


It's a renovation for our office, Rafter P Construction.  Sorry for the confusion there, new employee, new software...HA...we're proficient in CAD and Revit here, but this is a new one for us to wrap our brains around!


Thanks for all the answers.  Very helpful.

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