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I have been using CA for years and recently upgraded to CA10 on an older computer (laptop).

Last week I had CA10 downloaded onto a new laptop computer by a tech expert - also transferring other relevant business files etc

I dont seem to have anything in the library etc and I am sure that the tools icons should be more expansive

Is there someway I can repair/restore my CA or download again without losing existing plans and hopefully have all that CA has to offer on my computer



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Go to Preferences> General> Folders> All Program Paths: on your old laptop.    And show that to your tech expert.  For X10 to run the way you had it setup a bunch of those files need to be transferred to the new laptop.  I suspect you are missing your Program Data and User Setting as well as Preferences, maybe more.  


If as it sounds you have already run X10 on the new laptop without transferring those files then you will need to delete the auto generated files and replace them with the original ones.


If that seems too complicated tech support can help you out with the details.


This should help :

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