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I am trying to do some wood panel pantry bifold doors. Rather than the standard bifold that Chief Architect gives you when you choose the bifold option (which is assuming that it is on a track and the hinge point is centered on the jamb), I want to use a standard outward swing hinge so that the hinge point is at the front of the jamb. Is there a way to do that in the .dbx or do I have to create a doorway and then custom closed and open double wood panel symbols on different layers and then toggle between them. It would be nice to use the standard door .dbx if possible!

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Yes. I was able to create my own door that mimics the look when closed (even with hinges in the middle since it will fold that way), but in 2D or 3D it looks fine when closed but I can only show it open like a regular door, not folded, when open.

Swift Kitchen - Refrigerator and Pantry.jpg

Swift Kitchen - Refrigerator and Pantry 2.jpg

Swift Kitchen - Pantry Blowout.jpg

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On 11/10/2018 at 8:26 PM, solver said:



I used 2 walls. The door is placed into a 1-1/2" wall, then a 3" wall is placed against it. The door goes through both.


Now that is a very creative solution.  


I find myself thinking too much about actual sizes of things/materials/items...when ultimately the goal is to achieve a specific look or functionality.  Therefore...If you open up your  mind it seems you can manipulate the software to accomplish most anything.  Eric proves this almost daily.  

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