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  1. I am sure it is really simple but I can't figure out how to change the layer for an appliance that I have inserted in the top or the face of a cabinet. I can change the layer of the item in the library but when I insert it into the cabinet the layer changes to "CAD, Default" and the items only appear if "Fixture, Interior" is active. I select the appliance and open it up for modification, but "Layer" is not one of the options. By the way, I can't do this in X12 but I am trying it in X13 as well and I don't see an option. I thought I remember them saying something about it in the X13 Live Demo the other day. Thanks!
  2. Thanks kylejmarsh for your response. I actually figured out my problem yesterday. I was playing with the elevation view settings and I checkmarked the "Clip to Sides" under Options. The elevation view then clipped narrower than the view I was showing in the layout page. I went to the plan view and pulled out that particular elevation view's lines to go further out so that the entire view on the layout page would show in the "clipped" elevation view. And drumroll...when I printed, no shifting! I don't think this will solve your issue though since your shifting seems to be up and down rather than left and right.
  3. Has this issue ever been solved? I am having this exact same issue with dimension lines and labels when printing to .PDF with live views on the layout page. The strange thing is I have multiple live views on the same layout page from the same plan file and some are fine and others are not. I have tried multiple .pdf printing programs but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I tried printing at 144dpi and that fixed one of the live views but not the others.
  4. Thanks! I knew it was simple. I have all the rough opening on the top rather than bottom and top.
  5. I am sure it is something very simple, but I am trying to do modern windows with sheetrock returns on all sides. On the frame options in the Window DBX I unchecked "Fit Frame to Wall" and gave it a depth of 4.5". The top and sides look great but the bottom "sheetrock" has material "bleed through". I verified that I don't have any framing turned on in the view but it is still there. What am I missing?
  6. Brilliant! Thanks Eric! I knew there was a simple solution but my brain is mush today.
  7. Your picture illustrates my issue exactly. Notice the grain for the drawers is vertical and the doors are horizontal. I want it all to be horizontal. I know that I can do a work around by doing the full height as two separate cabinets and changing the direction of the material grain for one of the cabinets so that all the grain is vertical. I was hoping that I was missing some "default/preference" that allows me to pick a different material for the doors than the drawers so that all my graining would be vertical.
  8. This is the first time I am actually using Chief Architect for cabinets with a pronounced directional grain. CA seems to turn the grain for the drawers at a 90 degree angle from the actual direction of the grain. I was able to solve the problem by just creating a second material that is turned at a 90 angle which I applied to the door/drawer/panel material for cabinets with drawers. The issue is with my full size cabinets - how do I show the grain all vertical for both drawers and doors? Do I have to "stack" cabinets on top of each other with one cabinet having the drawers and the other the doors?
  9. I am using X11 (I did a search in the forum which brought me to this thread) and I am getting the same error.
  10. If you zoom in (on either the plan or the layout) the resolution gets finer and finer so obviously the data for high resolution is there.
  11. Yes it has. It is weird that it is low res in the plan file while the text box in that same view is not.
  12. Why is the Chief Blueprint font in all my schedules look so pixelated/low resolution while those in text box looks fine? Schedule is default 6" Chief Blueprint while text below is 5" Chief Blueprint.
  13. Actually there seems to be some really weird stuff between fixtures and schedules. I went ahead and changed the outdoor kitchen items (the ones at the bottom) to have a "X" prefix, so they changed labels to X01 and X02. I then realized that I needed a strainer/flange for the outdoor sink, so I copied and pasted the strainer from the indoor sink (labeled F02) to the outdoor sink. The pasted outdoor strainer then had the label F02/X03. I then changed a bunch of stuff in the Object DBX as well as the name in the Symbol DBX (so that it in no way continued to resemble the interior strainer) but the outside strainer still said F02/X03. I then changed the interior flange from F02 to F03 but the outside still showed F02/X03. The only way I was able to get rid of the F02 part from the outside strainer was to deselect "include in schedule" from the Object DBX and select ok, go back in and reselect 'include in schedule", and select ok. Then the exterior strainer only said X03.
  14. Thanks Mark! I will try it. I think that maybe just giving a different letter prefix as you suggested is probably the best workaround in the short term for me.
  15. The weird thing about all this is the fact that my workaround works perfectly well with the Electrical schedule but not the Fixture schedule.
  16. Unfortunately, I have two totally separate remodels (kitchen/outdoor kitchen and master bath) and a separate furniture design (entire house) which all have different plansets for very specific reasons. I really don't want to try to keep track of 3 separate, different plans for the same house. The kitchen and master bath both have fixtures which are on different layers but as far as the schedules go, it sees them as the same. I therefore can't just choose "all" for the schedule and I can't choose "do not include" in the DBX for the room because it won't then show on its corresponding planset (layout). Does that make sense?
  17. Yes, I downloaded X11 to see if the problem went away, but unfortunately it did not. Unfortunately dragging doesn't work since they are two separate schedules and I am trying to make the schedule number greater than the number of items in the schedule. :-(
  18. Sometimes I have a need for a schedule with 2 or more rooms but not all rooms in the plan. I fake this by creating the schedule for the first room with the title and column headings and then create the schedule for the 2nd room and strip off the title and column headings. I then move the second schedule right up to the bottom of the first schedule so that it looks like one schedule (see attached picture). I then renumber the items in the second schedule to numbers greater than the first schedule. For example, in the enclosed picture, the bottom item in the appliance schedule - the outdoor refrigerator - would be renumbered from A01 to A08 and the two bottom items in the fixture schedule would be renumber from F01 and F02 to F15 and F16 respectively. I was able to do this with my electrical schedule but not with the appliance and fixture schedules. When I select an electrical item, the icons for renumbering up and down appear at the bottom of the screen (and on the menu when left clicking). When I select an appliance or other fixture, the icon (ability) does not appear. Does anyone know why?
  19. Yes, I am usually pretty savvy with CA and will just spend the necessary amount of time trying to figure the problem out on my own (as well as search for previous forum entries). This one had me totally perplexed and I had never experienced anything like it before. I submitted it to tech support on Friday along with the discovered "problem/solution" so that hopefully they can fix it for X11 and I can get my ledger board back. ;-)
  20. Eric, can you read the last few entries? Is the issue with the "hang platform" on the one wall changing all the light elevations that I am experiencing fixed in X11?
  21. The problem is that when I do that, then I lose the ledgerboard for the flat ceiling half bath that hangs off it to the south. Obviously proper light fixture positioning in my entire plan is more important than one ledgerboard. ;-)
  22. Michael, you are right! Changing that one wall fixes it in the whole plan. :-) That is definitely a bug. I could see it affecting the adjacent areas of the plan but not the entire thing. That is my problem wall as it has an interior lower half, an exterior upper half, a sloped roof/ceiling on one side, and a flat ceiling on the other side. I cannot get it to frame how I want or to show the right materials in the right areas (automatically that is, without making manual adjustments to the material areas). Hopefully 11 will fix this. :-) Thanks.
  23. Thanks Eric! I will wait. :- ) Glad to know I wasn't the one with the bug in my head. ;-)
  24. Thanks Graham! Is this how the program should work? Am I doing ballooned walls correctly? I am trying to make the framing correct and I want the framing to balloon where I have indicated with a ledgerboard to hold the ceiling rafters. This has been a VERY complex roof, wall, ceiling design for me to figure out since I have that very complex wall, ceilings, roof in the long main hallway on the bedroom wing.
  25. Graham, I have the same problem in the wing where the wall height is the same as the ceiling. The reason all the lights on the right two thirds of the picture look correct is only because they are all set to 5.5" ceiling offset.