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Got a Roof ?  and a foundation Built ? ...ALWAYS build them even for interior only Plans.


It is what is called Light Bleed.....plenty of forum posts on it if you search....


Don't forget to fill in your Forum Signature too please... see mine below

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34 minutes ago, dJanzenINTERIORS said:

I actually don't see your forum signature, what information would this include?




You must have Sigs Off , in your account settings, check it so it goes green..... see blue below for how....


you should see this :



CA X10

Win10 Pro on (3) 32" BenQ BL3200PT Monitors 

Desktop - Custom Built with Asus X99A-II MB, 5820k CPU, 32GB RAM and EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti FTW2


*** to fill in your Signature like this .... go up to the top RH Corner above and click on your UserName> Account Settings> Signature.... and enable Signature (will Turn Green) then add your Hardware Details and Chief Software Version, as different Version require different Answers.

***To add Pics to your Posts please use Windows Snipping Tool , found under Windows Accessories in your Start Menu, Save the Snip to your Desktop and Drag it into the Light Grey Area of the Reply Window.

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