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I am new to Home Designer and am about to embark in designing and building a new home for my family. The software has turned out to be quite a bit harder to use than I had expected.  I wanted to see if there was someone I can engage to help create a first draft of my home design.  We would provide some hand draw documents that we'd like someone to help render into Home Designer which we can then modify and adjust.


If you are interested, can you please provide some samples of things that you have worked on and designed before. 


We are building the house in central NJ. We'd like to help designing a house with the following specs

- Generally a Transitional Design

- 5 Bedrooms - 4 Bathrooms

- 2 stories with a finished basement

- 2 car garage

- We can provide general floor plan details in drawings

- We have photos of what we'd like to design.


Let me know if you have any question.


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 a Chief Premier user will need to have the same version as you do

for you to open any plans they send back


the Chiefer also needs to set the "Edit in Home ..." flag for you to be able to do any edits to the plan


any features that Premier has that Home Designer doesn't have can't be edited


since designer is so limited in features you may find it worthwhile to upgrade to HD PRO



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