Where Are the 1st Floor Main Beams & Lally Cols?


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I've been trying to learn how to do as much as I can in Chief using the latest trial version I recently downloaded.


I believe I have successfully created a floorplan. I then mark 2 walls to be full gable walls and do "build roof". I then do "build->floor->foundation" using 109" height foundation walls and it appears that outer foundation walls with footings under them have been created.


I then do "build framing" and it seems that framing members are shown.


However, I do not see anything that looks like main support beams with lally columns appearing underneath the first floor in the basement to support the first floor. Does Chief not do these or did I do something wrong or neglect to do something?



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11 hours ago, solver said:

No, the user specifies wall types and footings, and tells (or draws them manually) the program where they go.


Eric is pointing you in the right direction. To help you get there, dig into the Default Settings for Floors and Rooms, Foundation, Framing, Roof, etc. You'll quickly discover that Chief's "auto-build" behavior depends on the parameters you define within the Default Settings. I suggest you download a copy of the Reference Manual, which delves into these settings in detail. There are also helpful training videos available on the Chief website. The Default Settings Summary and the Framing Basics videos may be of particular interest to you.

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