Corner angled steps, stairs


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I need a ushaped stair with 9 risers at long wall side and 2 corner steps at each corner. not landing there.

Can anyone help with this? O have never designed one of this? I am doing a remodeling on the 3rd and 4th floor of townhouse. Existing plan in background. Just drawing outside walls and stair on inside of 1st and 2nd floor. 


any help appreciated.




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Hi Newell see if this is what you were looking for you don't have a second floor drawn so I am not sure where these steps will be going, what I did was deleted all of your stairs except the first set then made a box the way I want the first step to be and converted into a landing, did the same thing with the second step but had to raise it up 7 5/8" higher then the bottom height of the first landing once I did that I drew another set of steps up from that landing starting against the upper most landing

townhouse STAIRS.plan

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