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I have drawn a shower that has a half wall and a full wall.  I watched some videos to do this.  However, the wall ends are exposed studs, not a good look!  How do I fix this?  I have gone to materials, tried the material adjuster tool and the eye dropper.  Obviously I am doing something wrong!  I am using Chief Architect Premier version X9   Golf Drive.plan with revised master vanity.plan. 



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23 hours ago, KimberlySambito said:

However, the wall ends are exposed studs, not a good look!  How do I fix this?  I

Since you simply edited your first post to add the plan in I'm guessing no one saw the update, hence the wait.

You mention glass but none is in the plan so not sure if you want it. AS it is drawn -just openings then

You can draw the railing wall and the invisible wall and get the ends to look correct. You can also drop the floor and get the same result

BUT if you drop the floor AND lower the room height to create that soffit detail then the wall ends don't work properly any more.

To fix that I'd either add the soffit detail manually along with a second ceiling plane there assuming you need one.

Attached is image showing that and the downside to it. If you go that way AND you need the walls to have different finishes on each side THEN Once you are happy with the placement convert to a solid, then explode the solid. Once exploded you can paint each face of it whatever you want.

OR to cover the ends with polyline solids or faces.


IF YOU have glass then....

If you do have a glass wall with a door on the front and a partial wall with glass above on the side then in the configuration you have (and many others) Chief will always muck up the exposed faces. You can sometimes fix it by flipping wall direction, editing wall intersections and or adding little tiny invisible walls perpendicular-none of which I personally find easy to deal with.

The standard work around AFAIK is to cover the face with a polyline solid. (Unless someone out there knows more than I do)


NOW as an alternative since I get a lot of showers many that are a problem- I recently made some symbols that I drop onto the wall. Each symbol was started as a polyline solid, converted to a solid, then exploded. Make them one at a time in a blank plan, convert to symbol, fixture interior-I'm still playing with the options tab to see what I like.

Then read up about stretch planes and zones in symbols (unless you have just a rectangle) I then draw the walls for the shower as I would normally but drop these symbols over the solid wall sections if I need them. This will prevent extra lines in vector views, cover the end of the wall, allow a side wall to extend 2" past a glass wall, and let me place framing with only a bit of editing. A fistful of symbols took less than an hour, save the plans in case I need more adjustment than a symbol allows. The time spent was made up for on the very first job (last pic) used them again a week later on a weird kitchen.

no glass psolid.png

Psolid in vector.png

with glass.png

Shower symbols.png

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