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Chief Arch. users I have appreciated the few times I have used this service.  I have struggled mightily the 1-1/2-2 yrs. w/the program &

I think I have reached my limit.  I intend on looking for another program that's somewhat user friendly.  In the meantime

I have a plot of land that I am creating Docs for, however after being about 90% complete I need help finishing up the final 10% or so.  A good

portion to do are finishing up the 2 Sections.  Is there someone out there that can help?  My 1st thought would be someone in Clark County

in Washington but am open to whoever responds.  I look forward to hearing from you!




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I can certainly help you with the Chief Architect parts of the plan. If your local permit authority requires the advice of a State Licensed Structural Engineer or Architect then that will need to be in addition to our work on the plan. You can find your permit authority's website where they state their plan requirements and you should know this before you engage anyone to help you.



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