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  1. Hi, I am a Res. Designer & periodically need a little help on plans. I am not sure I understand your fees, could elaborate further? The way I read this, taking your .20 sq. ft. price for a full set of const. docs. would cost $360 for a 1800 sq. ft. home?!?
  2. Rich, I don't know I'll give it a try. I appreciate your help! Jim
  3. Thanx for getting back to me. A JPEG or GIF. What would you recommend?
  4. Hi. I have created const. docs. & 3D Model. I am getting a web-site created also & want to send a few different views of the model to my web designer. What is the best type of file to create quality duplicates to send to her? And how do I convert them? thanx Jim
  5. Hey guys. Sometimes on my sections I get a greyed out area that's distracting & I do not want on my construction docs. How do I get rid of it? What is the purpose of this? thanx Jim
  6. Thanx for your response. Unfortunately I have X9 & havnt found what I am looking for yet. I have been looking in the similar location.
  7. Hi Chief users. I have a simple quick question here. I know of course sq. ft. is calculated & labeled on our flr. plans. I want to be able to calc. manually & for the life of me am not able to find where to do that. Also, when it is calc'd out automatic, is it from the interior or exterior perimeter? thanx Jim
  8. Chief Arch. users I have appreciated the few times I have used this service. I have struggled mightily the 1-1/2-2 yrs. w/the program & I think I have reached my limit. I intend on looking for another program that's somewhat user friendly. In the meantime I have a plot of land that I am creating Docs for, however after being about 90% complete I need help finishing up the final 10% or so. A good portion to do are finishing up the 2 Sections. Is there someone out there that can help? My 1st thought would be someone in Clark County in Washington but am open to whoever responds. I look forward to hearing from you! thanx Jim
  9. Hi Chief users. I have been here a small # of times & you all are very helpful. I struggle w/this program mightily & am seriously thinking of going a different direction, a program that's more user friendly. In the meantime however, I am in the middle of construction docs for a new residence & want to see about getting some help. I am about 90% complete but the last 10% has been tough to finish. Much of whats left are finishing 2 sections. Is there someone I can pay that can help? The lot to be built on is Clark Cty. Washington & my 1st thought would be someone that is local & knows the jurisdiction, otherwise who- ever is available. I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. WAGSDSN35


    Hi Joe, Thanx for your interest in helping me. How do you get the grain correct? Jim
  11. WAGSDSN35


    I want to shout out to all of you that replied to my post about "creating an arched truss" & the difficulty I was having. Thanx for taking the time to help as I can now do this & feel I have the ability to create many other things too! Hopefully one day I can get up to speed to return the favor!
  12. WAGSDSN35


    Hi, yes Wags is a nickname that goes wayyyy back. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I've been busy "Creating Trusses". Both videos were helpful, esp. the last one using polyline solids. Even though I know how to create an arc, there was one simple click of the mouse your video showed me that now I can do the same to a polyline solid, & I feel comfortable being able to create many things. Your videos are actually a good length & your instructional style is easy to follow. Am very appreciative of your help. This forum is also very helpful.
  13. WAGSDSN35


    I'll take a look @ those. I was able to create trusses from watching your video, so it was very helpful afterall. Thanx
  14. WAGSDSN35


    CJ Ill give that a try also. I appreciate the help! You have a great day also.
  15. WAGSDSN35


    That has crossed my mind. There is a company up here that does this sort of structural(architectural) members.