How to create RT Molding with repeating distance?


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I need to create the molding under the eave like the picture below, I am using the RT13 Molding but it won't let me input the repeating distance, it was dimmed out, please help.


Thanks in advance



RT molding.jpg


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The repeating distance applies to symbol moldings not standard moldings...


Symbol Moldings
Symbol Moldings are 3D symbols that are repeated along a path to form molding. Molding symbols are different from molding profiles because they are replicated 3D sumbols instead of extruded 2D shapes.

Creating a Symbol Molding
Begin by opening a new, blank plan and creating a single instance of the molding symbol using the Primitive Tools . See Primitive Tools. For example, to create the molding shown in the illustration above, make an object that looks like this:

When you are satisfied with its appearance, convert it to a 3D symbol. See Convert to Symbol.
You can also import a 3D symbol from another application. See Importing 3D Symbols.
To import a molding symbol
1. Select File> Import> 3D Symbol  from the menu. See Import 3D Symbol Dialog.
2. In the Import 3D Symbol dialog, specify the symbol as Molding and click the Advanced button.
• If you plan to use the molding symbol more than once, check the box beside Add to Library. See Add to Library.
3. On the 3D panel of the Symbol Specification dialog, rotate the symbol as needed so that it faces you in the preview image.
 Symbol moldings work best if you make them symmetrical.
Once created, a symbol molding can be assigned to an object or replicated along a molding polyline. See Molding Polylines.
Symbol moldings are center aligned. Both ends have a 45° miter, so the end instances may appear chopped. You can specify the Repeat Distance of a symbol molding applied to an object to control the width of each instance of the symbol on the object. See Moldings Panel.

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2 hours ago, solver said:

Not sure you can do this and control the spacing. 


I've always just used a series of manually placed solids.


You can use Multiple Copy and the Distribute Along Line tool to spread them out.




Hi Sover,

Is it the Molding Divider Block you are using? And thanks for quick response.

Molding Divider Block.jpg

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