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I figured since there are so many architects on here this might be a good place to ask this question. 


I'm thinking of building a structure out of concrete. Does anyone know of a detail whereby stone veneer is attached directly to the 8" thick concrete exterior walls? Will something like Xypex work as a moisture barrier? How would insulation work?


Thanks, Tom

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Familiarize yourself with the NVMA recommendations; you can download an installation guide here. Keep in mind that it's merely a guide - final installation details depend on a number of factors that aren't necessarily given full consideration within the text and drawings. Regarding the Xypex, I'll assume you propose to use it as an admixture, not as a coating. I've only specified Xypex on commercial projects where control of bulk water is critical under conditions of high hydrostatic pressures, and even then it was used as a "last line of defense" - I still used a membrane on the positive side as the primary water control layer. Theoretically the use of Xypex, or any other crystalline PRA, should be all you need, but there are some practical considerations that argue against it's use, especially for a residential project:

1) cost

2) availability at the local ready-mix plant

3) interactions with other admixtures

4) Xypex will affect the concrete setting time, so getting the mix figured out is important

5) some veneer stone manufacturer warranties depend on the installation details, which may not include using a PRA as a weather-resistive barrier

6) I've run into masons that won't warranty their work on non-standard installations, so you need to find a mason who is comfortable with the final design and installation details

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Thanks rlackore. I'll have a good look at the guide you suggested.


I was actually thinking of using the spray on application, (concentrate). Using it as an admix up where I'm building might be a problem due to all the things you mentioned. I'll have a look at the guide you recommended. I sure like the idea that you pour the wall, treat with Xypex, and you're ready to go. Impregnable. Termites be damned. 


I'm not too worried about warranty issues and if my mason helps out he'll be totally cool. He keeps hinting that he wants to come up and do it but I keep telling him I can't afford him, heh, heh.

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Apologies, resurrecting due to my former life as a necromancer...

(and for future google searches)

You don't say what the building is, but might could consider decorative concrete forms.  Stained and sealed afterwards can make them attractive with variegated colors (acid stains).  In my neck of the cemetery masonry work is very pricey (even on a buddy discount).  I have no data on cost/availability forms but I certainly follow the keep it simple philosophy.  It can not be mistaken for anything but a formed concrete wall but a way to dress up a plain one without the complication of veneer.

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