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Hello my everybody

I didn't work with chief architect for a while and now I have the problem that I don't know how to get the walls visible over my imported PDF Plan.

I imported a PDF with an existing floor plan and wanted to draw some walls but the PDF seems to be in front of all. I can’t see the walls. They only appear when I draw them outside of the plan area. When I move them over the plan, I can't see them anymore... What do I wrong?

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-15 um 11.17.41.png

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This forum is specifically for Chief Premier users (not Home Talk which is for users of Home Designer software titles). That said, open the dialog box for the PDF and see if on the "Line Style" tab you can choose the drawing order of the PDF. These settings, IF you have them will allow you to display the PDF above or below your 3D objects. Suite 2015 does not have this default feature, I do not remember if you can change this via your dialog box. In the latest versions of Home Designer and Chief Premier, PDF imports default to being behind plan view 3D objects like walls, windows and doors. You will just have to look and see what your software's capabilities are and are not.



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