Terrain elevation lines from PDF map


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Hi all,


My first post here. I want to read the terrain elevation data from a SOSI fil. This is the official (and only) file type the Norwegian Mapping Authority supports. Since Chief Architect doesn't read this file type, I need to convert this to DXF or DWG. But I have so far not succeeded.


Then I stumbled over a video that showed how to import a terrain map from pdf. It explained how to import, how to cut unnecessary areas, then resize it to the correct scale, set a North marker, and finally add the elevation to the lines on the drawing.


All very exciting ... but then I can't remember the URL of the video :(:(:(


Is there anybody that could point me in the right direction, either the video, or another tutorial that covers this? Many thanks in advance.

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Here are two terrain video's that are hard to find :






If you can't convert the SOSI to .DWG it might be possible to get a .PDF and convert to .DWG or .DXF


If you have to work from PDF you will need to manually trace over it.

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