Garage door/concrete foundation wall issue


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Joy , your plan file is not attached...make sure it is not open in CA before trying to attach it as CA Locks the File while it is open.


Also, it's good to have your Forum Signature filled in, especially with the Software Version,
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2 hours ago, JoyThedens said:

HELMUTH PLAN.planHELMUTH PLAN.planHELMUTH PLAN.planHELMUTH PLAN.planI am new to Chief Architect (probably obvious) and I am having an issue with my garage front wall.  The garage door will not "cut into" the concrete foundation wall and I cannot figure out how to fix it.  Help???




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Looks Like Eric is onto something , I just changed the Garage Front wall back to "Default Bottom height" and it fixed it


*** in the OP looks like you tried attaching the plan 4 times? but because it was locked it didn't really attach , so it is a dead link when clicked on.

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