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A few weeks ago, we had an opportunity to work one-on-one with @Bella Domicile. In the training session, the topic of adding a decorative toe to a vanity cabinet came up. Bella Domicile provided a hand drawing as an example of what they were looking to accomplish.  We worked together to create the vanity and then put the finished vanity into a bathroom scene.  We used the Chief Architect Raytrace feature to create a final rendering.  If you are interested in how this vanity was put together, download the attached Chief Architect library file and import it into Chief Architect.  You can place the vanity into a plan and explode the architectural block, so that you can examine the individual components and settings that went into creating the vanity.


Going from hand drawn to a 3D model can bring the design to life and give your customer a whole different experience. If you need a certified trainer to help you with a design element in Chief Architect, contact our team at 208-292-3400. We’re here to help!


To lean more about Bella Domicile visit them at


BelllaVanity.thumb.jpg.765c5478d26245c9662851f877f931f5.jpg    5afb61a60faee_VanityFinal.thumb.jpg.a9882caf4813ba9bd9896d704e8f1301.jpg




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Very nice Derek. The basic cabinet tools are very powerful, and along with some custom doo-dads can really help the client visualize the space. So, as long as we're showing off:





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