Layout Problems With Two Floor Levels On Same Layout Sheet


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I am trying to put the basement, first floor, and attic electrical layouts on the same layout sheet.

In the plan view, I have a plan view set named "Electrical Plan View Set" and a Layout Set named "Electrical Layout"

Working In the Electrical Plan View Set, I drew the electrical plan for the three levels.

I saved the plan set, thenI sent the main level to the layout sheet...beautiful

Then , in the "Electrical Plan View Set" and "Electrical Layout" I sent the foundation electric plan to the layout.

But, when I did that both levels in the Layout sheet were the foundation level.

I can do the same for the main level and the attic level....send them to the layout but it changes all views to the most recently sent view (floor level).

How do I adjust the settings so I can send all three floor to a single sheet.  



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There are a few methods for dealing with this, but here are the 2 easiest IMO...


  1. Create new Plan Views for the additional floors.  You have to remember that a Plan View remembers its floor as part of that Plan View.  If all your layout boxes are referencing the same Plan View then they all change as soon as you Save that Plan View in its most current iteration.  OR... 
  2. Open the layout box and under Plan View>Linked Plan View, set this to None.  This will keep all the settings except it will no longer change to reflect changes to your floor level.
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