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Can someone tell me where the setting is to change the "default" attic wall when one is generated?


I would like to change the siding color through defaults, so I do not have to always change manually.



attic wall default.plan

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Attic walls are a copy of the wall below. There is no default.


I've made a suggestion that we have control over this.

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10 hours ago, solver said:

Attic walls are a copy of the wall below. There is no default.


I've made a suggestion that we have control over this.


WARNING:  What your are about to read is ridiculously convoluted.  For your own

safety you should stop reading here.  





Its actually not necessarily quite that simple Eric.  If the wall below is an exterior wall AND its exterior side is oriented correctly, AND you have a non-default material assigned to your default exterior wall, then the attic walls will obey the material setting for your default exterior wall's exterior material.  So...


You could change the material for your default exterior wall (in the material tab, NOT the wall definition) and draw your exterior walls using a wall type from your library that is assigned to a custom Place Library Object button and by doing so, create a quasi default attic wall setting.  You would use the custom button to draw your exterior walls with and you would use the Exterior Wall Default as your "Attic Wall Default".  This really only addresses the exterior material though and I would consider the term workaround for this one extremely generous at best.  

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