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9 minutes ago, Stevenplane said:

I tried Googling and searching the Knowledge Base to no avail.

How can I get a limewash to display on my brick layer in 3D view?

Thanks in advance!

Check the ticker for "blend with texture" in the brick mat'l dbx under the "texture" tab -would be the might-be-good-enough solution. Alternatively I could build you some good reflection, bump, normals, and ambient occlusions maps. Have an image of what you're looking for

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4 minutes ago, Stevenplane said:

Half assed/good enough is good enough ;-)  I'll give it a shot.

I'm just trying to do an as built of a historic home I'm bidding a rehab on.

Built in 1835!


Ha, I removed that line...but appreciate the candor. I can probably make something pretty phenomenal for you.. gonna give it a shot..stay tuned

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