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  1. It looks like I figured it out on my own anyway. Thanks!
  2. Feel free to make fun of me but I can't figure out how to get dimensions to snap to the edges of the footings displayed in the attached drawing. I have some concrete guys forming these footings tomorrow and I wanted to make it easy on them by having dimensions for all of the footings themselves instead of the foundation walls that will ultimately sit on them. Thanks in advance for anyone explaining how to to this. Fritts Foundation
  3. Hey everyone, I want to sincerely apologize for taking so long to respond to this thread. I've been insanely busy lately but that's not an excuse for me to have been rude and not keep everyone updated. I sat down this morning and went over everyone's comments on here and finally chose someone to redraw the plan. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who responded and for responding so quickly! It was a little overwhelming to be honest. Best wishes to everyone and thanks again! Steve
  4. My client designed the home shown on the attached plans. They were drawn by a builder that they have decided they won't be hiring. I'll be building the home instead. I have Chief and can redraw them myself but I don't have the time right now. The only reason I want them drawn is the client wants me to make some modifications. I have time to draw the modifications but not the entire plan. If you're interested, please contact me with your turn around time, pricing, and method of payment. Michele Fritts Final Home Plan Set 3-29-2021 (1).pdf
  5. Looks like I figured that out too. I had written down the angle the lot perimeter had made with the North Pointer before I started doing all of this. After getting the house parallel with the lot boundary, I opened the dbx for the North pointer and changed the angle in accordance with what I had written down. My last question is that when I rotated the lot boundary, 2 "x" spots remained and didn't rotate with the boundary. Any idea how to remove them? I don't need them. Thanks!
  6. Ok...I got the parallel part taken care of. How to I rotate the North pointer the exact amount I rotated the boundary? I originally drew the boundary line by doing inputs like N 65 49' 19" E, etc.
  7. Another quick question... I'm trying to position this cabin so that it is parallel to the side property boundary. I'd like to have 12' in between the porch and the boundary to have room for a driveway. For some reason, I can't figure out how to use the parallel tool to make this happen. (Or any other way) Currently the house is at a slight angle to the side property line at 7'1". Attached is a zip of the plan. Thank you!Cabin Sketch 2 Plot Plan Version.plan Cabin Sketch 2 Plot Plan
  8. What jurisdiction will this be done in? My concern is the existing rough sawn lumber. Depending on how strict codes enforcement is, they may require some sort of engineering letter, signing off on the grade of it. Also, for clarification, what do they want the barn to be used for? Finally, I seem to recall there are a lot of threads on here about how to draw post and beam and/or timber framing. I would think those would be of great help on the design side. I think the barn looks great by the way.
  9. Thanks for all of the pointers everyone! I'll be putting them to use later this week.
  10. Attached is the file of a bathroom I'm helping a friend to remodel. I thought it would be an easy raytrace but I let this run all afternoon and after 68 passes, the attached pic is what it looked like. Any help with the raytrace settings would be much appreciated as I've never really spent any time doing them. Side note: I have a Surface Book with an NVidia GeForce graphics card so it should easily handle this. Thanking everyone in advance, Steve
  11. I attached a zip of the file. Please don't judge I don't work in the software very often. That roof section is the same pitch as the ones adjacent to it so I have no idea why it's showing up so dark. Also, the only way I could get it to send to layout in B&W was to send it "current screen as image" and then just resized it to fit. I have no idea what scale it ended up as though. Not a problem in this instance as it's just for their lender to do an updated appraisal for their construction loan. Morris Final 2.6 1.30.19 Balcony
  12. I feel kinda rotten...I never noticed these last 2 responses. I figured it out with the all the help offered though. Thanks to everyone!
  13. And for some reason, this one section of roof still displays in color even after F8:
  14. Magic! It didn't change it in the layout though. I guess I have to resend it to layout?
  15. I'm sure this is really easy but can't find it do I toggle off the colors in elevation views so that they only appear as B&W line drawings? Thanks!
  16. Lol...right...I don't know how to move the roof out of the way though.
  17. the polylines. Still having trouble figuring out how to make this area a brick wall flush and matching the brick wall below. Any suggestions?
  18. 1.) I'll have to learn to draw poly boxes in elevation. I've never done that but I'm sure I can find a thread or video somewhere showing it. 2.) I think I might understand what you are suggesting...maybe try to clarify for me? I DON'T want my client doing this in real life. The house was built in 1855 and doing a vaulted ceiling will just be wrong in my opinion. If she sticks to her guns though, I'll frame a couple of beams to stack the porch rafters on. Then we'll cut back the overhang on the main house (under the porch roof I mean) enough that they can continue the brick wall up to the bottom of the porch roof. The valleys from the porch roof will "lay down" on top of the main roof. 3.) I always feel bad posting the plan file because inevitably, some awesome person just grabs it and fixes it for me. That's great but then I end up not learning
  19. I'm not the most proficient with Chief as I only use it a few times a month so I'm much obliged for any suggestions or help. How can I keep those polyline boxes I created from poking through the vaulted porch roof? Also, if we really frame this vaulted gable like my client is requesting, the brick wall will have to extend up where you currently see a bit of the main roof under the vaulted porch roof. How do I get Chief to render that? Thanks! Steve
  20. I'm not sure I understand the question Solver. I mentioned in the original post that I want to create a "demo plan" of sorts to help my framer orient himself. The demo plan would show which walls stay and which walls go.
  21. Greetings everyone! I have an as built plan drawn in X10 and a remodeling plan of the same house also drawn in X10. (Different filenames) Is there some way to possibly merge the two plans into one? The goal is to create a "demo plan" of sorts for my framer, in order to better orient himself. If it were just a few differences, I would manually draw in some dashed lines or something but this is pretty substantial. Thanking everyone in advance. Steve
  22. I'm always humbled by the help I receive on here. Thanks so much! These suggestions worked! I think it was one of those things where I had been working on it for so long that I didn't notice such obvious things. Thanks again!
  23. I misspoke. It's the porch ceiling that's missing.
  24. I posted in another section about hiring someone to help with the attached file as an ongoing process. In the meantime, I'm asking for help with some issues in my 3D generation of this as built plan. I can't seem to find a way to get the porch roof to show. The siding on the half gable at one end of the front porch is correct. For some reason the half gable on the other end of the front porch is generating as brick. It should be siding also. There's also a weird tan column or end of a wall or something showing up on the front left of the house on the second floor. I have no idea why it is doing this. Everything else is pretty spot on. I can provide actual photos of the house if it helps. I say this because the columns should actually be twin columns on top of brick bases. I do want to get that changed eventually. Thanks for any help! Morris as