Moving pool water - Animated GIF


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Thanks I knew about this and tried to download and my Mcaffee virus detector found a virus. I just tried your link and it was okay, virus free, go figure. Anyway I just wanted to try it in Photoshop because I know how to create animated gifs, so I was just practicing. I notice Squilz is Flash driven. I've created animations in Flash but cautious cause it can be hacked. Thanks for the link.


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    • By neringa
      Can anyone tell me what I did wrong with creating this pool?
      Rather than blue water my pool looks like a catacomb.
      I followed chief's tutorial (Reference Number: KB-00773) to a tee
      and erased it and did it again and I still get this result.

    • By fangelo
      I typically insert pdf's of details from the manufacturer's in my CD's which really slows down my system.  Is there a better format that I could convert to that would be more efficient in chief(PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF) without losing quality?
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      Wanted to share my waterfall pool using squirlz. Hope you like it..
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      I created a custom swimming pool using slabs and primitive solids. I would like to know if there are lights that illuminate inside the pool.
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      I tried to build a pool, and it looks strange. lol.
      Anyone can tell me how to make the blue line go flat on the ground? How to fix one of the wall that see through? Thank you!