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I design a lot of custom laminate casework and when i have a group of 3D items drawn and sized I would like to select them and then click on components to create like a material list but I cant see how to edit that list to customize my column names and have the info I want to generate a build list for fabrication. Would be great if the values were updatable like when using macros. Any Help would be great  thanks

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3 hours ago, NStratto said:

Taking a general shape like a box   resizing to a panel editing the laminate color then putting them in the correct locations as if fabricated

Ive posted the plan



There is no attached .plan file   , make sure the plan is closed in CA when you attach it to the Reply Window or it won't attached.


If you aren't using the Cabinet Tools to make your Furniture pieces , and want separate Components, it maybe still best to use a Cabinet Partition and resize it rather than a Box Shape , as you should then be able to Use the Cabinet Schedule to list Parts.



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