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Emulating Terrain from a survey document is an exacting job that needs to be done methodically and carefully. Are you looking for help or adoption (no disrespect intended). Lots of us do this kind of work for pay. I have no intention to go to a lot of work to explain how to do this, step by step but basically:


1. I would import your PDF into Chief.

2. I would scale the PDF as accurately as possible

3. I would then place the PDF on a custom, locked layer to trace over, then I would orient the PDF so it  aligns with the North-South of the Chief plan window

4. to trace out the property lines, topo lines etc

5. Next I wouild align the terrain to any already drawn structures like a house in terms of moving the terrain plane up or down relatice to that structure

6. I would then add the Barn structure, it is likely that the barn would have a higher or lower floor level relative to any other structures in the .plan file.

7. Then I would build the Barn relative to is actual floor level and relative to any other structures that also abide in the same .plan file.


That is basically how to do what you wish to do. I have done this countless times and so know what the problems are and how to solve them. I do hope this outline helps you.




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I suggest you start by making an elevation spline at contour line +528, beginning at the property line. Then you can use the transform/replicate command to make 4 or 5 copies and move them in the Y direction a few feet and in the Z dimension 1 foot.  Then you can move each copy into exact position and edit each one as required.


Then repeat the process starting at elevation +532 with the contour lines going through the barn.

Don't bother looking at it in 3d until you have most of the contour lines edited and in place or you will be screaming "WTF!!" and be discouraged - the terrain will look really bizarre until you have done this much.


Yeah, terrain work can be tough and frustrating and take a lot of time, but can be really satisfying when you get results.  GOOD LUCK!

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